The best travel Apps for Asia

Traveling to another country is exciting and sometimes it’s good to have some information or help handy when you’re in the middle of your trip. That’s the reason why I inform myself about the best Travel Apps for my destination before I start my journey.

Before I went to Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand I researched different travel blogs as well as the internet to find out which Travel Apps would be the most helpful in Asia. I also asked a friend of mine who is living in Singapore at the moment and he had some recommendations for me which were super helpful!

The following Apps were helpful for me and I would suggest to download and check them out before you fly to an Asian Country.

  1. Citymapper
  2. Grab
  3. GrabFood
  4. Marco Polo Tour
  5. Google Maps
  6. TripAdviser

Singapore Apps which were helpful:

  1. Explore Singapore MRT Map
  2. MyTransport.SG (Bus App)
  3. Weather @SG

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