What are succulents?

Succulents or also known as succulent plants are plants that have the ability to store or retain water in their fleshy and thickened stems, leaves and some of them store the water in the roots too.

By the ability to store water, succulents are able to survive long periods of time without being watered. Normally the habitats of those succulent plants are often in areas with high temperatures, a minimal and low rainfall. Another amazing skill of some of the succulent species is, that they are able propagate easily. Many of those species can grow new succulent plants from a leaf that has fallen from the plant.


Their are two possibilities to grow your own succulents

You can buy little succulent plants and implant them into special spoil or you can by succulent seeds and plant them so they germinate within the time frame of the species.


Step by step manual for seeds

  • Buy seeds of good quality (it will make a huge different to buy seeds of high quality instead of cheaper seeds with poor quality)
  • Buy seed trays and soil that will work for succulents
  • Buy a tray or container for your plant


How to plant succulent seeds

  1. Take the lid off of your tray or container.
  2. Fill your tray or container with soil.
  3. Place the seeds on top of the soil (be carful, since the seeds are so small it’s difficult to see them in the soil)
  4. Your seeds need light (place you tray next to an window – but no direct sunlight) and water now, make sure to water your seeds by flooding your container from below, fill the lower portion about half way with water and set the tray down into the water. Whenever the water is absorbed add new water as needed.
  5. Close the container by putting back the lid on top of your tray or container but make sure that the soil stays damp.
  6. Your seeds need time to grow now, the germination time depends on different species (normally there is an information on the seed package)
  7. Once the first sprouts are viewable, open the lid and make sure that the soil is wet.
  8. After some weeks of constantly growing they are able to me moved to their final plant pot. From now an you will have to reduce the watering, the plants have stored enough water inside of the fleshy leaves. Keep in mind that succulents don’t like to be overwatered, put some small shingles onto the bottom of your plant pot so the roots will not standing in water. Proper drainage is very important, make sure the final plant pot has some drainage holes in addition to the shingles.
  9. Water your succulents whenever the soil has completely dried out from the last watering.



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